A Common Mistake People Make When Choosing A Reiki Teacher Or Practitioner

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As more and more people hear about the marvels of Reiki, the demand for Reiki instructors and guidance has increased. The ancient art of Reiki, a Japanese spiritual practice, is a great tool to induce relaxation and rid the body and mind of stress. Similarly, while it does not cure any disease or illness, it does enable the body to produce an environment that encourages the healing process.

After experiencing the benefits of Reiki treatments, many people decide to learn the practice themselves to harness their spiritual energy and improve their wellbeing whenever they need to. However, when it comes to finding a teacher to guide them through the art of Reiki, many end up with poor results on account of inexperienced instructors.

To help you avoid the main error that leads many to the wrong instructors, Reiki Heavenly Beams has explained a common mistake people make when choosing a Reiki teacher or practitioner.

Not verifying their credibility, experience, and ethics.

When looking for a Reiki practitioner or a teacher, the first step is to go to the Canadian Reiki Association website and browse by province and city for registered professionals. Unfortunately, people usually begin their search on Google and have no idea what they could get themselves into by choosing the wrong instructor.

By contacting a teacher who has none of the credentials, experience, insurance, or even a proper license, you could end up choosing a person who is incapable of teaching or who is solely interested in cheating you. As a result, potential learners should look up Reiki instructors in the right place. At the same time, they should also ask if a Reiki teacher has received the proper training, certificates, and request for any other proof of their skills and capabilities. This is one of the best ways to check if the teacher or practitioner you’re considering follows a Scope of Practice and a proper Code of Ethics.

To avoid other mistakes like this when choosing a Reiki teacher, reach out to professional teacher and practitioner Teresa at Reiki Heavenly Beams. By practicing Reiki, I was able to overcome my own stress, personal obstacles, and transform myself. I want to share my experience with others and help them identify and overpower their challenges. I am registered with the Toronto Board of Education (TDSB) as a Reiki Master Teacher Instructor (instructing adults at different GTA schools). I am also a certified teacher and practitioner member of the Canadian Reiki Association (www.reiki.ca). 

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