Aura & Chakra Healing


Axiatonal Alignment Toronto

It can help you stay well and feel more alive, more clear-headed, and more emotionally stable and balanced.Why do we need to cleanse our aura (energy field)? Our auras, or energy fields, interact constantly with the energy of others. It's not uncommon for us to take on some of the energy of other people.

For example, have you ever been in a great mood, then spent time with someone sour and negative, only to find that your good mood has evaporated? You've probably taken on some of the energy of the negative person.

Usually it does not serve us well to absorb others' energies into our own auras (although there are exceptions). Our auras can also harbor the energies of unwanted thought forms (such as negative self-images and negative self-talk) and unprocessed emotions. All of the above can make our energy field less balanced, and can cause blockages to the natural flow of energy in our field. When our auras are harboring unwanted energies, we may feel tired, down, unbalanced, depressed, anxious, "not quite ourselves," or even ill. We can clear our fields through various aura cleansing techniques.

Doing an aura cleansing should make us feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced--more "ourselves." There are many techniques however, if your own efforts don't seem to be working, then you may want to contact an experienced, reputable energy healer or aura healing practitioner. Sometimes we all need a little outside help.


The chakras (energy centers) are constantly rotating and vibrating. The activities in them influence our: body shape, glandular processes, chronic physical ailments, thoughts, and behavior.

When one (or more) of the chakras is blocked and the energy does not flow harmoniously through them, or it is wide open, it will result in imbalance that is manifested in all areas of life.

Each chakra is expressed on the physical body in one of the endocrine glands that regulate physical and emotional processes in the body. The imbalance in the chakra will also be expressed in the endocrine gland linked to it.

Client will be either seated or in a prone or supine position on a massage table. Listening a very soothing music while enjoying a very relaxed environment.

I will clear your energy field (aura) and then I will show you different ways of how you can do it for yourself. Service included with the Chakra Balancing.

  1. Assessing the energy centers through either dowsing or by scanning the body to check which chakra is unbalanced or blocked
  2. The client's chakras will regain balance through color or crystal therapy, aromatherapy, with music, meditation, affirmations & guided visualizations, conscious breathing and even with physical exercises.
  • at my studio: $ 80.-
  • at client's home: $ 100.-