Pre-Surgery & Pre-Chemotherapy

Reiki Healing Practitioner Toronto


Packages of six (6) sessions $400.- e/session lasts 1 hour.

ten (10) sessions $ 600.- e/session lasts 1 hour.

paid in advance with personal cheque, e-transfer, PayPal (by invoice)

How do you prepare for surgery and /or chemotherapy treatments? What do the sessions include?

The ideal preparation is 3 (or 5 depending which package you choose) Reiki Healing sessions in advance. Reiki prepares, balances, relaxes your body and your mind for the best outcome.

The number of Reiki Healing sessions may vary on how much time in advance the client has and personal preferences.

The ideal time to prepare could be three to five weeks in advance. Once you confirmed I get to work right away to develop a unique individual session which may include meditation and visualization that you can record to keep listening to while at home. Also powerful and effective Reiki Japanese Techniques depending on your personal situation.

First Reiki Healing Session: Discussion of upcoming surgery/chemotherapy treatments, Reiki relaxation session with guided imagery ideally preparing your body.

Second Reiki Healing Session: Begins with a powerful Healing Technique, guided meditation and imagery to help you to relax, follows by a regular Reiki session working half of the time over the area/spot which will undergo surgery/chemotherapy and rest of the time covering the rest of the body..

Third Reiki Healing Session: Beginning with Reiki, guided imagery for relaxation, focusing only in the area which will undergo surgery/chemotherapy.

Post-surgery Reiki sessions can be provided at the hospital if the person requests it. Reiki session (s) can be administered while the person is receiving Chemotherapy and undergoing surgery.

After the operation/Chemotherapy treatment is done I will develop the remaining Reiki sessions plan which will include again meditation and Japanese Techniques.