Reiki Healing Session In Person

Reiki Healing Practitioner Toronto

The client either seated on a chair (wheel-chair) or prone on a massage table, fully clothed, will feel a comfortable sense of well-being and relaxation, while listening to calming background music, during the reiki healing session.

  • At my studio: 1 hour $ 80.-

PACKAGES all the packages must be paid in advance

  • Buy 3 sessions for $ 200.-
  • Buy 4 sessions for $ 250.-
  • Buy 5 sessions for $ 350.-

at the client's home: 1 hour $ 100.- PACKAGE of 3 sessions (paid in advance) $ 250.-

Reiki Healing Sessions to be paid by personal check, cash, e-transfer or PayPal (by invoice)

Disclosure: Though Reiki can safely be administered to human beings of all ages, "IF" a behavioral issue, school/daycare situation involves a minor, it is the parent's responsibility to look for proper counsel and advice. Reiki sessions are designed to support medical treatment, counseling and even other alternative therapies, however, under no circumstances it will replace them.

REIKI for Pets:

  • At my studio $ 50.-
  • At client's home $ 80.-